Time to Breathe

I’ve turned in my last assignment for now.  Class is over.  I await my grade in the mail.  Graduation is only two more classes down the road.  My online school has a virtual graduation, but no stage for that coveted walk.  It’s my only disappointment with this university.  It is well respected and accredited.   For good reason.  Its courses are challenging and empowering.  But it has no in-person graduation.  Bit of a let down, that.

I’ll still get my cap and gown.  My son and daughter are each attending different online schools and will have their master degrees soon.  Their universities do have real graduations, but the kids may not attend because of other obligations.  No matter.  We’ll have a picture made together in our regalia.  Honors all ‘round.  Then we’ll have a party to tell stories about.  And finally, we’ll go fishing to catch our breath.  To prove to ourselves that it is over.  For now, anyway.  There may be doctorates in our future.

In the meantime, I’ve push my final two classes back a bit to catch my breath and attend to other important things.  When those are finished, I’ll return to school and finish up, rested and focused.

For the moment, my whole job is simply to breathe.  Guess I’d better get to it…


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