July 26, 2010 Daily Life

As usual, we were up until 4 am.  Then slept until almost noon.  We woke this morning to Better Half’s cell phone ringing.   There was no way to get to it before the caller was sent to voice mail.  We rolled over and went back to sleep.  A few minutes latter the land line sounded off.  We got up.  Better Half checked his voice mail.  The call had been from his brother who lives about thirty miles away and wanted to meet him at a cafe in Kansas.  Not the state, the little town eight miles east of here.  A brother visit is a good thing.  Always.

But today, it is an especially good thing.  We were late filing to vote absentee, so by the time we got our ballots last Friday we only had three postal days to get them back in.  They can only be submitted by mail—no hand delivery.  Friday and Saturday, we were busy and didn’t have time to finish reviewing candidates.  Late Sunday, we finally got our ballots marked (part of what kept us up so late).  We couldn’t put them in the mailbox because they have to be signed by two witnesses.  Better Half and I witnessed each other’s, but we still needed one more witness each.  So Better Half took them with him and had his brother sign as our other witness.  Since his brother lives in the town where the election board offices are, he will take the ballots to the post office in that town.  They will be delivered tomorrow—just in time to count.  Now that we are registered to vote absentee in the rest of the elections this year, we will get our ballots earlier next time.

Our seven-year-old Grand #7 has spent the past few days with us.  We were left to fend for ourselves as Better Half took off to visit with his brother.   Normally, Better Half does the cooking.  Not always, but usually.  This morning Grand #7 put an apron on and did the cooking.  We had cinnamon oatmeal and a biscuit.  She was full before finishing.  However, being diabetic, I need protein at every meal.  So I cooked some Egg Beaters (egg whites—no yolks—to reduce cholesterol intake).

My sister started a chat by instant messenger in the midst of all this.  It didn’t last long, but was welcomed.  We haven’t had a good chat in a while.

After breakfast Grand #7 wanted to do dishes.  I told her we could use the dishwasher, but she insisted.  After all, she already had an apron on.  So she washed up the few breakfast dishes while standing on a stool and singing a song to herself.  I took the opportunity to check my email, FaceBook, and begin typing this up.


Better Half has returned.  Time for us to sort and fold Grand #7’s clothes that we washed last night and get them packed for her return home.  This was her first time to spend time with us without her parents or siblings.  She had us all to herself and we had a splendid time, part of which was spent learning to make friendship bracelets from embroidery thread.  Well, we didn’t actually complete one.  It takes more time than we anticipated.  But we got a good run on it and she did enough to be able to finish it at home.  School will start soon, so we’ll probably pick up another Grand to spend a few days alone with us when we take Grand #7 home.  With thirteen grandchildren, it’s nice to have them one at a time.  We haven’t really been able to do that much.  They have busy summers and we have a lot of doctor appointments.  So the logistics don’t always work out.  But we’re hoping to eventually get each of them alone for a few days every summer.

Grand #7 was all packed up, so I washed my hair and was preparing to dress when one of Grand #7’s bracelets broke, so I got out my jewelry fixin’s and did the repairs—replacing some split rings with the spring rings.  It will take a lot more doing to get those off.  Then we added a found charm.  While I did this, Better Half and Grand #7 watched TV and had a last snuggle before taking her home. 


(Ok, that looks like he is smoking with a child in his lap.  Not exactly.  It’s one of those “e-cigarettes.”  So, no smoke, smell, or ash.)

Before I could go get dressed, Better Half announced he needed a nap.  He’s driving, so if he needs a nap before we leave, he gets a nap.  I fixed a snack for us girls.  While we ate, I checked email, Facebook, and responses to my blogs.  Better Half woke up and decided he need to cook the fish he had thawed.  So while he’s doing that, I’ll go get dressed.  About time, too.  It’s nearly 5.30 pm. 

Better Half took Grand #7 to the garden to gather tomatoes while I dressed. 


Then we headed off for the 85 mile trip to take her home.  Ran into rain about half way there.  It didn’t last long, but did travel far enough to water my gardens while we were gone.


Made a quick stop at Sam’s Club (a members-only bulk purchasing warehouse store) to pick up a few things and ran into a long-time friend I’d been trying to get in touch with for the last few months.   She had parked just behind us and was carrying out two gallons of milk.  Unthinkable!  She went into this huge store for two gallons of milk.  I’d have gone to a much smaller store for that little bit and saved the walk around the big store for major shopping.  Anyway, we had a good visit and exchanged cell phone numbers again.  She’d gotten a new phone with a different service and couldn’t port her old number or contact list.  So she lost my number and couldn’t call to give me the new one.  But that’s all fixed now.

Back on the road another long time friend called me.  We’d been out of touch since ‘87 and had been trying to find each other.  She had divorced and remarried, so I was looking for the wrong name.  She finally found me on FaceBook and I gave her my number.  We had a good visit and will talk again soon.

Youngest Son’s wife had BBQ chicken waiting when we arrived.  We had a great visit.  Youngest son used an architectural program to draw out the plans for our next home.  It’s coming along nicely.  I’ll share the floor plan when things become final.  Until then, we could scrap the whole sheebang and start over.  Anyway, we left there at midnight with Grand #5 in tow.  She’ll go back on Thursday and we’ll pick up Grand #10 for a few days.  School starts August 12, so we’re trying to get in as much visiting as possible.  Four of the Grands live too far away for spontaneous visits, but I’d like to find a way to get them here before school starts.

We got home at 1.30 a.m.  Better Half and I have evening meds we need to take with food, so a refrigerator raid was in order.  When I open the refrigerator a bag of chips (crisps for my UK friends) clung to the top of the door.  I moved the door several times and the bag stayed there.  I finally had to reach up and take it down.


Another check on email and FaceBook, and finishing up this blog brings the day full circle at about 3.30 am.  Time for bed.

I know this has been long and tedious, but the challenge is to describe how we spent the day each 26th of the month.  So a busy day takes a while.  I encourage those who are not participating in this challenge to give it a go.  It’s just once a month.  And loads of fun!  Thanks, Jilly!


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