Yo! Yo! It’s the Cushie Life for Me!

Living with Cushing’s Syndrome is much like living on a yoyo. It certainly has its ups and downs.













Some days I have so much brain fog that it feels like I’m just spinning in big circles around the world.












And some days I’m just plain loop-the-loop.



Some days I have so much ‘roid rage I could skin a cat.



Other days I just cry and rock the baby.



Once in a while, I feel well enough to walk the dog.



I have no control over this yoyo illness. All I can do is hang on for dear life until I get my surgery. Then I will finally break away.



I’ll be “me” again when I get off this yoyo. See you around the corner.


Images from http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/easy-yo-yo-tricks.htm


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