My Life Needs a Pacemaker


I’m getting too old to hurry up and wait.  I need things to move along at a steady, unrushed pace.  And for starters, let’s smooth out seasonal transitions.  Surely there is no excuse for dragging out one season and jumping into another.  Really.  Summer lasted until late October this year, then “BAMM!” we had a hard winter freeze. 

The very next day we have fall weather.  It’s like the weather was strolling along without paying attention to where it was going, tripped, got up, looked around (hoping no one noticed), straightened itself out, and rushed onto the path it should have been taking.

Maybe the weather can recover without any damage, but I’m an old woman.  I can’t.

I need time between running the air conditioner and running the furnace.  High electric and gas bills may overlap, but my income doesn’t.  I can only afford one at a time. 

But mostly, I need many pleasant fall days to harvest my garden and prepare it for winter.  What did I get?  Two.  I got two fall days between summer heat and winter freeze.  Thank God for family members who rushed to my rescue.  The harvest was in mere hours before it all turned to popsicles.

“Problem solved,” you might say.  No.  More problems created.  Now I’ve got twenty-six pounds of green tomatoes, gobs of green peppers (I haven’t weighed them yet), some celery, and a few carrots to deal with….right in the middle of a minor kitchen remodel.  I can’t can, let along blanch, anything because I won’t have a functioning stove.

26 ibs of green tomatoes

I’d put it all in the fridge until the remodel is finished, but first I’d have to clean the fridge out.

See what I mean?  All this work got crammed together and piled up because the weather went wonky instead of marching on at a predictable pace that would allow an old woman to do things on a reasonable schedule.

Okay, okay.  I can chop up the celery, carrots, and peppers and throw them in the freezer without blanching.  No problem if we eat them soon because they won’t last as long as they would if they were blanched.  But the tomatoes…what am I going to do with the tomatoes? 

I could spread them out on the dining room table and deal with them a few at a time as they ripen.   We’d just have to eat our meals in the living room.  But the plan is to build a new dining room table next weekend.   My cousin is coming into town to build it.  What will I do with the tomatoes then?

Isn’t life complicated enough already?  Why can’t the seasons just come and go at their appointed time so old ladies can get an occasional nap?

***This post is part of the WordPress Blogging 101 challenge.  Hopefully, this will get me back in the blogging habit.